IP & MATV Systems

Idea for the hotel industry, EDGE ICT provides individual and bundled MATV systems as a means of entertainment and communication. We offer delivery and installation both at some of the most competitive prices in the market. EDGE ICT is also a partner with a leading provider of MATV Systems in the MENA region.

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EDGE IP TV Solutions is better suite for hospitality solution made for hotels, Resorts and cruise ships, who want to jump into world-class status and give guests a wonderful impression of their stay in your facilities. Because the system is fast to install and it runs on set-top boxes, smart TV’s and various mobile devices, it is the optimal choice for you who value flexibility and want to offer a rich guest experience for your guests. EDGE IPTV solution comes fully integrated with various reservation, payment and maintenance systems as well as Video On Demand.

 Easy Installation

EDGE IP TV in the hotel room to the Internet using a wired or a wireless connection and configure the hotel TV to start using the services from the cloud. No smart cards, set-top-boxes or server equipment are needed in the hotel. In case you already have your hardware in place, contact us and we do everything in order to provide you with our hospitality solution.


Guests can easily pair their own tablets and smartphones with the TV using QR codes. This unique connection gives them access to hotel information, services and even live TV anywhere in the building.

By using the mobile application guest can:

• Watch different channels on the hotel TV and mobile devices.

• Use the mobile device to pay the hotel bill and check-out.

• Order additional services on their mobile devices.

Custom branding

The look and feel of a user interface impacts how guests observe information and entertainment. Therefore our engineers will make sure the hotel TV interface is branded with your logos, fonts and colors. When the system is in use, you can customize all the content in any way you want.

 Information and statistics

The ability to get information about how the hotel TV platform is used is crucial for adapting to changes in behavior. The administration tool that comes with our hotel TV platform gives you access to usage statistics, information about room conditions and much more. You are able to generate reports directly from the administration view into various formats and mail them directly to the right person.

Support and training

EDGE take care about you after the system is up and running, we offer technical support and maintenance such as software upgrades and support for the hotel TV platform by 24×7. We also provide training for administration personnel and instruct your staff to use our IPTV solution.