Embeded Surveillance

EDGE offers a full suite of products for surveillance such as:

  • CCTV Solution
  • Digital Forensic Solution
  • Security Analysis Services
  • Digital Investigation
  • Intelligent Traffic Management Systems
  • Automatic Gate Control
  • Parking Management Solution
  • Security Services
  • Industrial doors and docking systems

Digital Forensic Solution

Our global strategic partner of digital forensics solutions is a full service computer security and digital forensics firm. Our staff is highly trained and certified. We provide prompt, efficient service and maintain the strictest confidentiality for all of our clients. We approach all of our work using the best practices in the industry and state-of-the-art technology. From penetration testing to reverse engineering, from evidence preservation to detailed digital investigations we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our services to meet our clients’ specific needs and our rigorous attention to detail. We proudly serve the Gulf South region and can be engaged for travel as required for incident response, consulting, and training.

Security Analysis Services

We offers a full suite of security services which can be tailored to meet your exact needs, services include:

External Penetration Testing

When designing a secure network, perimeter defense is the first component that must be considered. Not only should the defense mechanisms protect against current threats, but future threats and vulnerabilities should also be anticipated. With this in mind, Digital Forensics Solution’s external penetration testing methodology goes beyond the routine vulnerability scanning and manual penetration attempts to include testing procedures to develop an adequate defense against future attacks.

All publicly accessible internet devices are scanned for open ports, running services, and applications with mishandled or default configurations. After this data is collected, the necessity of each service or device is evaluated and assessed for its overall risk to the network.

Internal Penetration Testing

Attack from inside the network is the most serious threat that companies face. Due to the need to make services available to internal users as well as the prevalent attitude that a network’s external defenses are adequate, many internal networks are ripe for compromise and chaos. Performing an internal penetration test allows Digital Forensics Solutions security analysts to rate the overall security of the internal network, judge the level of access control placed on ordinary employees and unauthenticated users, and give recommendations that will allow a client to protect its assets from internal attackers as well as external forces.

Our internal penetration testing methodology covers a wide range of tests and procedures that allows us to gain a complete picture of the network’s security posture and resiliency. We have developed a flexible methodology that allows us to perform complete security testing of the network without hampering its ongoing continuation and stability. If extreme measures must be taken, we implement them in a manner that is least disruptive to our clients and their business. This provides the benefits of a thorough testing scenario in the safest possible environment.

Digital Investigation

Evidence Preservation

Our evidence preservation methodology provides an exact copy of any digital evidence and ensures that the authenticity and integrity of both the duplicate copy and the original data source is preserved.

Evidence Custody

As with any form of evidence, it is important to maintain a clear chain of custody to support that evidence has not been tampered with for admissibility. We can maintain custody of original data or duplicate copies of evidence in our evidence locker until it is no longer required.

Digital Investigation

Our certified experts conduct thorough investigations to uncover data which may be critically important as digital evidence. We adhere to the guidelines that govern the rules of evidence collection and use the highest rated industry standard tools in our investigations. Following these standards for eDiscovery ensures that our clients will be able to use the information we are able to collect in a legal setting.

Digital Evidence Presentation

Digital Forensics Solutions keeps a careful record of each step we take in our investigations. All detailed investigations are accompanied by a comprehensive report to support any evidence we uncover as well as the conclusions that we draw from that data. We can provide this report and the evidence addendum in a variety of formats to suit our client’s needs.

Expert Witness Testimony

Should expert witness testimony be necessary to support the findings of our digital investigation, all of our investigators are highly trained, certified and prepared to take the witness stand

Intelligent Traffic Management Systems

With our global strategic partners is a computer systems consulting firm serving organizations in both the public and private sectors for over 23 years in US, Canada and Europe. Our counter partner specialized in the implementation of intelligent transportation systems and the implementation of command and control systems for NASA. The company consists of highly skilled software design and engineering professionals that specialize in various scientific and business applications ranging from real-time process control systems for the transportation, aerospace, and defense industries to management information systems for government and business.

This unique organization has a combination of both resources and skills necessary to provide the efficient design, development, implementation, and enhancement of a wide range of computer systems. We experience encompasses a history of diverse applications on a wide variety of equipment, including the development of software systems for multiple satellites for NASA and implementation of ITS systems for over 20 municipalities.

EDGE has in-depth experience in a variety of computer related activities from real-time systems to business applications.

Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems – Studies, Designs, and Implementations
UTCS Traffic Control System/Upgrade
Real-time Process Control Systems
Freeway Surveillance Systems
Telecommunications / Network Management
Database Management Systems
Local Area Networks
High Resolution Real-time Graphics Systems
Hardware / Software Acquisitions
Management Information Systems
Office Automation
Fiber Optic Network Design
Language and Hardware Platform Conversions
Professional Engineering and Consulting Service
On-Time Traffic Management Software

Parking Management Systems

Our goal is to deliver intelligent parking management systems that not only optimize your parking programs but also deliver convenient solutions for fleet operators. From smart parking integration to violation processing to meter operations, we can help you to reduce costs and street congestion. By integrating technology with our proven approaches for professionally treatment programs, we guarantee, you to gain powerful results for your organization.

EDGE & Associates offers a wide range of standard and exclusive designs and with the convenience of unlimited options; one can opt to create one’s own custom-built       security System.

Total Solutions for all types of Access Control Systems and Specialists in the supply, installation, testing, commissioning & Maintenance of:

  •     Gate Barriers
  •     Parking Management System
  •     Automatic Doors
  •     Remote Controlled Garage Doors,
  •     Tyre Killer (Road Blocker)
  •     Sliding and swing Gates.
  •     And all types of access control systems and solutions




Industrial doors and docking systems that work for your business

Industrial doors

Crawford industrial doors offer you a range of smart features specially designed to suit indoor and outdoor applications across a broad spectrum of working environments

Overhead sectional doors
Folding doors
High speed doors

Vertical lifting fabric doors


Docking systems

Our Crawford docking systems comprise of an extensive range of thoughtfully conceived products that facilitate smooth, safe and efficient loading and unloading of goods at door entrances

Dock levellers
Dock shelters
Docking equipment