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We provide a full spectrum of IP CCTV products starting from the low to the very high end brands. It all depends on your requirements and needs. Our experienced consultants will guide you with the purchase, commissioning and installation of the products you choose from our catalogue.

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IT Security and Surveillance (CCTV)

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As with all management processes, an ISMS must remain effective and efficient in the long term, adapting to changes in the internal organization and external environment. ISO/IEC 27001 therefore incorporates the typical “Plan-Do-Check-Act” (PDCA), or Deming cycle, approach:

  • The Plan phase is about designing the ISMS, assessing information security risks and selecting appropriate controls.
  • The Do phase involves implementing and operating the controls.
  • The Check phase objective is to review and evaluate the performance (efficiency and effectiveness) of the ISMS.
  • In the Act phase, changes are made where necessary to bring the ISMS back to peak performance.

Identity & Access Control Management. Access Control: Where security of a building or facility is of major importance, access control can provide organizations with full control over where and when staff, visitors or vehicles can move at all times. EDGE provides state-of-the-art access control systems where programmed cards are controlled from a central location producing reports of personnel movement at all times. Our offering also includes time attendance including biometric finger print systems that have been installed in organizations across the UAE.


We cover our security solutions to following Industries

  • Banking and Financial
  • Aviation, Air Crafts and Airports
  • Shipping and Naval
  • Transport and Public Transport
  • Road Safety
  • Health Care and Ambulatory Department
  • Educational and Knowledge Management
  • Hospitality and Guest Management
  • Private Palaces and Housing