Our Services

EDGE has the breadth of resources, skills and experience to meet the most advanced IT Audit requirements including:

  •      IT controls design, documentation, testing, remediation, implementation (including training)
  •     General computer controls
  •     Application controls
  •     System design, pre and post implementation reviews
  •     Data conversion, interface & database reviews
  •     SOX: readiness & attestation
  •     SAS 70 reviews (Third party Assurance)
  •     Co-sourcing & Outsourcing solutions. We provide cost-effective services: Extensive IT audit experience and wide industry representation
  •     RACK – Risk and control database
  •     Automated audit tools: eQSmart; SekChek; App Checker; JDE tools; etc.;
  •     Various operating systems, including mainframe, client/server technologies, AS/400, UNIX, Windows, etc.
  •     Various application systems, including SAP, Dynamics, Oracle, banking systems, self-developed systems, etc.

Most of our professionals maintain or pursue one or more certifications, such as Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Chartered Accountant (CA), etc

IT Design and Consulting Department.

We building the right technology foundation is easier with the right IT partner.  At EDGE, we specialize in solutions that help you safeguard your data, collaborate using shared information, and work productively on the go. As your IT Partner, we can provide hardware, software, and networking recommendations.  Let us implement a customized solution specific to your business needs and take the hassle out of managing your computer systems!

IT Infrastructure Consultancy

Information is critical in each and every organization, be it R & D, IT/ITES, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Enterprise or Government sector. Today as IT Infrastructure deployments play a major role in most businesses, companies are scouting for more vendors. They prefer combining and using technologies from various vendors, thereby ensuring that all these combined technologies function properly. IT Infrastructure downtime can have a devastating impact on your business, often resulting in lost revenue, dissatisfied customers and damaged credibility in the marketplace. One has to ensure that standards and guidelines are used to design, installation and integration of information systems and related telecommunications equipment’s, which leads to efficient implementation. Constant Move Adds Changes and implementation of newer technologies makes IT management more complex. We at EDGEICT help client in Planning, Designing & Implementing best- in-class IT Infrastructure, we practice and drive quality and performance over the spectrum of Data, Voice, Security and Audio & Video technologies, and encompass optical fiber, copper and wireless-based distribution systems.

  • Network Infrastructure Design Consultancy ( LAN, WAN & Wireless)
  • IT Design (Server, Storage & Network Devices)
  • Voice Communication System
  • Data Centre Design
  • IP Surveillance
  • AV Design (Telepresence, Video Conference, Audio Conference, Interactive Class Room Solution)
  • IPTV & Digital Signage Display
  • Contract management
  • Architecture and Strategy governance
  • Project Management Office
  • Application and Hardware Support
  • IT Audit & Synchronization of IT audit data
  • Team induction
  • IT Budget development

IT Audit & Health Check

An IT audit is a thorough assessment of all information technology infrastructure used by the business. It involves:

  • Checking whether the IT infrastructure meets the requirements of the business.
  • Examining whether the existing configuration is efficient and cost-effective.
  • Testing the information security policies and data protection safeguards.
  • Checking for outdated or redundant components and for improvement possibilities.

Although IT audit and computer system health check is directly related to information technology and should be performed by qualified IT professionals, in essence it is an asset management operation. Indeed, all the IT equipment and software used by a business, taken in its entirety, is an asset that has initial and maintenance costs, advantages that bring or increase the company income, and the resulting value – all attributes of a business asset. First BIT consultants who are both highly knowledgeable IT professionals and skilled business management specialists provide our clients with top-notch IT audit services.

Vulnerability Assessment

Preventing a problem is always easier and cheaper than its resolving. This rule is critical for information security – commercial data theft costs much more than measures for protecting the information network from numerous threads. An important step in preventing informational damages is network vulnerability assessment. EDGEICT features highly qualified specialists in data security and vulnerability analysis and ready to perform the assessment of your current network with further recommendations for required improvements.

Resources for Assessing Network Vulnerabilities

We follow complex approach that covers network analysis on all levels to reveal all internal and external threads. EDGEICT  specialists imply advanced tools that include:

  • Testing servers and other hardware for vulnerabilities by special software means;
  • Web-servers and database vulnerability assessment;
  • Analyzing password and account security strength;
  • System logs analysis.

These means include much more techniques that are applied depending on specific system characteristics. Such security vulnerability assessment complements intrusion detection system creating a powerful tool for overall security analytics.

Vulnerability Analysis is the Basis of Strong Security

After such comprehensive analysis EDGEICT specialists localize system vulnerabilities and generate a detailed report about their nature and risks they imply. It helps to close security holes before malicious intrusion is made. However, network vulnerability assessment is not limited by detecting external threads. Very often a reason of data loss or damage goes from the inside. It can be explained by improper network use from the side of company employees, insufficient network infrastructure and other factors. The analysis of vulnerabilities from EDGEICT covers all these aspects

Security Risk Assessment

Besides detecting the system vulnerabilities, it is highly important to estimate what financial losses they can potentially bring. This is required to estimate the reasonability of investments for their elimination and defining priorities in data security policy. EDGEICT performs precise information security risk assessment for small and big business enterprises using the best world practices and innovative methods.

Effective IT Security Risk Analysis

The analysis of information security risks from EDGEICT is based on checking the statistics of network operation and assessment of vulnerabilities. It helps to prevent unwanted attacks on valuable information and minimize the impact from existing threads. As the information system is a constantly evolving environment, IT security risk assessment should be performed on regular basis. Analyzing the risks in time perspective is much more efficient than one-time analysis. You can trust your system security to the hands of EDGEICT professionals and get the following:

  • Regular risk assessment;
  • Correcting data security system for decreasing risk of breaches;
  • Logging the history of security system operation;
  • Constant improvements of IT security to prevent newly appeared threads.

Individual Approach

Each IT system has its unique infrastructure, and there is no one general risk assessment solution for all. Our customers receive individual service that covers the features of specific system, resulting in maximally full security risk assessment report with ability of further improvements. Our security experts are ready to offer complex of improvements that will maximize your data protection.

Information Security Consultancy

If you experience problems with data security and find it hard to resolve them, take advantage of EDGEICT  consulting services that covers the area of information security alongside with other critical aspects of IT system operation. This service is equally useful for customers who only plan to implement data security systems or want to strengthen the existing solution. EDGEICT experts provide remote and onsite information security consultancy that includes the following services:

  • Vulnerability assessment to reveal threads in IT network;
  • Security risk assessment to define the value of existing threads;
  • Recommendations for information security system design;
  • Providing information about available security tools and approaches;
  • Choosing the suitable kit of data security improvements;
  • Training personnel for secured data sharing.

You can address any issues with data security you experience to get an informative answer from highly professional specialists with more than 18 years of experience in the area of data protection. Choose any form of information security consulting convenient for you. We provide online consulting, phone and video conferencing, as well as onsite meetings for personal consultancy. The consultancy service is aimed at informative assistance for implementing the proper security system. Another important part of the consultancy service is teaching company employees to apply data security regulations practically

Quality Compliance Consulting

The quality issue is essential for numerous companies producing different kinds of products and services. It forms the company reputation, the trust of customers and the ground for business prosperity. Any problem in terms of the product quality potentially costs huge amounts of financial loss. However, it can be prevented by constant control of quality compliance. The expertise of EDGEICT in IT sphere and solid consulting capabilities will make it possible to detect potential challenges and eliminate them quickly, before they imply any risks to the company reputation and revenue.

Basic Q & C Control Principles

  • Simplicity – EDGEICT can prove that compliance with high quality standards is much more effective in case of maximally simplified system of rules and regulation, clear for all employees;
  • Smooth control – we provide consulting of how to perform the complex control of all parts of your business processes;
  • Flexibility – EDGEICT makes quality and compliance service maximally flexible offering numerous plans and packages, working by the schedule comfortable for a customer;
  • Enough level of support –we provide as much support as you require for establishing proper Quality & Compliance control on your enterprise, being available 24/7.

We are ready to provide you with experiential, objective and efficient advice on how to gain maximum of stable product quality.

Business Continuity Strategy

Any business has certain vulnerabilities that create risks of interrupting its operation process, implies financial loss, downtime and other negative effects. To avoid such consequences an enterprise should strengthen its weak sides and generate clear instructions of how to act for minimizing losses, if any disaster occurs. It is provided by building a business continuity strategy. EDGEICT business analysts are ready to assist in creating a custom strategy of such kind perfectly suitable for your enterprise.

Business Impact Analysis

EDGEICT experts pay much attention to analyzing the business impact vulnerabilities. The weak sides of your business are the sources of impact, and it is highly important to know them all and implement measures to minimize risks related to such vulnerabilities.

Recovery Strategy

When some disaster or situation occurs and breaks the working process, it is highly important to recover from it and start working in the shortest possible time. EDGEICT experts perform the following job to gain this requirement:

  • Analyze the current capabilities for recovery;
  • Produce requirements that should be met to recover maximally quickly and avoid losses;
  • Analyze the different between required strategy and the current capabilities;
  • Implement the required improvements to setup an efficient recovery strategy.

Plan of Business Continuity

Keeping the business process up and running in any situation requires development and implementation of business continuity plan. EDGEICT specialists create clear instructions for various situations like relocation, IT disaster recovery, etc. Your company will be secured for serious damages due to minimizing the downtime and optimizing efforts required for recovery.

Testing the Developed Strategy

Proper testing helps to detect the downsides of the selected strategy and quickly correct them. EDGEICT experts always check the efficiency of their solution in practice to provide the highest quality of service and best results.