EDGE SOLAR TECHNOLOGY GROUP one among the leading alternate energy solutions provider/facilitator in the regions of Middle East and Africa. Providing holistic solutions, EDGE SOLAR TECHNOLOGY GROUP undertakes complete line of activities including feasibility/viability studies to planning and implementation of projects. With a strong engineering personals coupled with efficient management team, EDGE can undertake projects of various complexities; from complex semi‐ on grid or complete on grid systems.

Cutting Edge Solar Technology Design

EDGE is one of the top ranked Solar Technology providers with an award winning product range with proven track recode for 1 to 400 Mega Watt Power generation plan installation, Our company at the forefront of solar engineering and innovation.  We are always looking for new and exciting ways to extend the usage of ‘off grid’ solar solutions to power our everyday lives.  Whether working in the office, field, stable or garden, camping, cruising, climbing a mountain or horse riding, we have a solution for you for Aviation, Healthcare, Oil and Gas, and Telecom Industry.

A growing part of our work is helping companies develop their unique solar application (OEM). We are happy to accept a basic design concept and work with the client to develop this into a specific brief from where detailed costings are produced, hand samples and prototypes made, packaging solutions agreed and final production delivered.

We are a totally industry focused group of individuals with a unique understanding of solar technology, its capabilities and its limitations.

Solar Accessories

  • Cables & Connectors
  • Charge Controllers
  • Mains Inverters
  • 12 Volt Lighting
  • 12 Volt Timers & PIRS
  • Batteries & Boxes
  • Stands, Brackets & Fixings
  • Test Meters
  • Off-grid power project
  • Bus Station Solar System
  • Solar Street Light Project

We facilitate Solar Power on long term fixed price contracts or Built Operate and Transfer Model.

Low Cost of Energy

We have lowered our cost of energy through value engineering, operational performance monitoring and efficient financial strategy. This allows us to deliver cost-effective energy for our customers. Our in-house EPC expertise lowers system costs and our advanced in-house operations and maintenance capability allows us to increase power yields and monitor project performance near real-time. Coupled with our efficient financial strategy, we believe that we are able to offer low-cost solar power solutions at high efficiency yields.

Integrated Profile

As opposed to relying on third-party providers, our integrated profile affords us greater control over project development, construction and operation, which provides us with greater insight and certainty on our construction costs and timeline. Coupled with our low cost profile, our greater insight supports competitive new project bids at prevailing market prices, not at our direct costs

What We Provide

We generate energy to government utilities and independent industrial and commercial customers at predictable BOT Model or Fixed Prices. Since our energy generation does not rely on fossil fuels, our electricity prices are insulated from the volatility of commodity pricing. We also guarantee the electricity production of our solar power plants to our customers. We offer integrated project development, EPC, financing, O&M services with the  involvement of multiple third party services and funding.



  • USD 1 billion credit line for launch, from international banks
  • 15 countries of operation 480 communities covered
  • 100,000 solar street lamps
  • 1,200 solar micro-grids
  • 102,000 solar domestic kits
  • 75,000$ per village on average
  • 5,500 indirect jobs created

Advantages of Solar Energy in India

Some of the advantages of solar energy which makes it all the more suitable for India are as follows:

  • This is an inexhaustible source of energy and the best replacement to other non-renewable energies in India.
  • Solar energy is environment friendly. When in use, it does not release CO2 and other gases which pollute the air. Hence it is very suitable for India, India being one of the most polluted countries of the world.
  • Solar energy can be used for variety of purposes like as heating, drying, cooking or electricity, which is suitable for the rural areas in India. It can also be used in cars, planes, large power boats, satellites, calculators and many more such items, just apt for the urban population.
  • Solar power is inexhaustible. In an energy deficient country like India, where power generation is costly, solar energy is the best alternate means of power generation.
  • Don’t need a power or gas grid to get solar energy. A solar energy system can be installed anywhere. Solar panels can be easily placed in houses. Hence, it is quite inexpensive compared to other sources of energy.