EDGEICT is one among the top ranged ISO 9001-2008 certified company in the region to deploy converged Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure Solution provider  with multi campus, high rise commercial and residential building with various government, healthcare, hospitality, educational, banking, oil and gas sectors IT infrastructure.

  • Wired Structured Network Infrastructure
  • Fiber Optics Cabling Systems
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • MATV and Central Antenna System
  • Access control and Room Management Systems
  • Gate barriers and Parking Management Systems
  • Interactive Door phone and Maintenance management Systems

Data center:

EDGE having dedicated technical professionals for state–of–the–art data center integration located entire region with tailored specifically to our clients’ requirements. EDGE offers an advanced ICT infrastructure platform that ensures minimum risks fault and downtime methodologies as follows.

Our Data center Solution provides..

Rack Solutions

    • Network Rack Cabinet
    • Server Rack Cabinet
    • Network Cabinet
    • Open Rack System
    • Industrial Cabinet
    • High End Server Rack Cabinet

Cooling solutions

    • Cold & Hot Aisle Containment
    • In-Row Cooler (Front Cooler)
    • Side Cooler
    • CRAC (CCU) Unit
    • Chiller
    • Free Cooling
    • Geometrical Cooling

Power Solutions

  • Modular UPS System

Modular Power Distribution Panel

* Basic PDU
* Metered PDU
* Metered IP PDU
* Switched and Outlet Level Monitored IP PDUs
* Modular PDU
* Extendable PDU
* High Protection PDU
* Metered High Protection PDU

Monitoring Solutions

  • CMS Central Management Software
  • EMS with wireless sensors
  • EMS master-slave
  • Metered Rack PDU with MPD function module

Security & Safety Solutions

  • Intelligent Lock and IP Controlled Access
  • 1U Fire Extinguisher System

Special Data center Solutions

  • All-in-one Compact Data center
  • Micro Data center
  • Mini and Micro Data center
  • Micro Data center
  • Plug-and-Play Data center

Structured Cabling & Cabling Standards

EDGE Information Technology is recognized internationally as a technology leader in the telecommunications industry and a world-class multi supplier of technologically advanced standards-based structured cabling systems including data cabling and wiring services, copper and fiber work area products plus fiber optic cabling systems.

EDGE is having well-structured and dedicated structured cabling team with multi-vendor certifications to deliver Category 6, a high bandwidth network cabling solution, and also the first to deliver the next step in structured cabling solutions, Category 7/ Class F (7A/FA) TERA.

EDGE provides the highest quality, best performing structured cabling systems available and can build an Ethernet infrastructure to serve your strategic business needs for the future.

Integrated Wireless Computing Solution

EDGE Information and Communication is critical to business, solutions to provide our customers with efficient, fast and a reliable means to multitasking communication. Our new range of scalable IP based communication solutions enhance productivity and efficiency and the ability to interface with security, alarm and building management systems.

Our Integrated communication solutions meet their requirement in Building & Site Security, Airports, Parking, Prisons & Correctional facilities, Health Care, Roads, Bridges and Tunnels , Industrial Sites and Educational Facilities.

Radio communications has been with us for a long time, with analog voice as the principal application. Today, tens of millions of people in the United States are using two-way radio for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint voice communications. Although engineers have known for some time how to modulate a radio signal to send binary data, only recently have they been able to develop and deploy wireless data services on a large commercial scale.

Free Space Optical Systems

A Free Space Optical system is a point-to-point, infrared, wireless laser transmission designed for the interconnection of two points which have a direct line of sight. The systems operate by taking a standard data or telecommunications signal, converting it into a digital format and transmitting it through free space. The carrier used for the transmission of this signal is Infrared light and is generated by either high power LED or low power laser diode(s)

ELV Systems

EDGEICT having highly qualified engineers for Automation, Communication and Integration for an Intelligent Building management systems. EDGEICT undertakes the complete Design and Build of all ELV Systems. We pact Building Management and Automation system pinch with innovations and modern solutions to sweep out traditional boundaries by creating a Building Information Network, which can integrate:

* HVAC Systems
* Life / Safety Systems
* Lighting Solutions
* CCTV and Access Control
* Utility Monitoring
* Power Management
* Voice/Data/Video Systems
* Audio Visual (including IPTV)
* In-Building Wireless
* Traffic Management Systems
* Car Park Management

Internet Protocols and IT Standards

EDGEICT has long history of advocating for open standards versus proprietary protocols. From our foundations in the Data Communication era, EDGEICT has a wealth of experience in designing and implementing high performance, mission critical networks, which are vital for Smart Buildings.

We provide specialist sub-systems for Healthcare and Hospitality projects including:

Nurse Call Systems,

EDGE offers innovative solutions to improve communication in hospitals. The Nurse Calling System (NCS) is an innovative product to give reliable service to the patients. NCS ensures service guarantee to patients in the ward. Also the wired and wireless models ease product installation in hospitals.
Our economical NCSs are ideal for hospitals and nursing homes. They have attractive features of nurse call systems at competitive prices. The systems require minimum or no training to the hospital staff. NCS enables real-time data logging of the patient calls to the nurses. A data analysis software gives detailed report of the services rendered to the patients which is IP based.

Also provide ….

* Guard Tour Systems,
* Guest Screening Systems,
* Guest Room Management Systems

Converged Networks

EDGEICT has a proven track record of installing and maintaining converged network infrastructures for leading properties in many industries since 1991.

Hotel Room Management

EDGEICT has been a pioneer in RMS for providing wireless infrared control technology for hotels, as well as the integration of multiple functions on a single, centrally monitored and controlled system. Our unique ‘building block’ architecture allows Operators to select and implement features most appropriate to their needs. EDGEICT System capabilities include unparalleled energy management, guestroom occupancy monitoring and reporting, central electronic lock control, doorbell/do-not-disturb/make-up-room annunciation, and infrared lighting control systems.

IT Security & Application

Security systems

EDGE is having dedicated team for Supply installation, commissioning of cctv surveillance system for various entities ie. Government institution, shopping malls, airports, industries etc.

    • Video Analytics based CCTV Solution
    • Digital recording, archiving and management and system ie inclusive of software & hardware.
    • Security control room’s video wall solution & crisis control management system.
    • Video Transmitting receiving control equipment
    • Wireless Network for cctv surveillance Cameras.

Electronic Security & Access Control System:

  •  EDGE will help you design a new access control system or improve the one you have in order to reach your security goals. With proper planning & design, you can be sure the system will effectively protect your facility, assets and property.

CCTV & Video Management:

  • EDGE offer a full range of security cameras varying from analogue to IP that are controlled by high end video management software that can be fully integrated with the Access Control Software.

Command and Control:

  • EDGE offer security command and control center solutions to manage all the security systems within the facility into a single platform to maximize the monitoring ability for security personal.

Video and Audio Intercom Systems

  • EDGE provide an IP Intercom System that is fully integrated with the Security Management Software.

Key Management System:

  • EDGE provide key management systems that are fully integrated with the Security Management Software.

Parking Management systems

  • EDGE offer a Parking Management System that can be fully integrated with the Security Management Software.

Turn sites & road blockers

  • EDGE set up Turn Site Road Blockers that are fully integrated with the Security Management Software to protect your facilities.

X-ray Mechanics, Metal Detection and Under Vehicle Scanning Systems

  • EDGE offer X-ray mechanics and Metal detection Systems for baggage and personal screening with highly comprehensive under vehicle Scanning systems.