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EDGE has increased the standards of ICT facilities in the field with an experienced technical support staff, specialized IT software and the latest modern technologies. Our broad list of IT services provides the same care, convenience, and efficiency synonymous with the EDGE brand. We are a committed UAE business offering IT services and support that provides its global customers with award-winning managed IT services and ICT solutions.

EDGE is an active specialized service provider in the region since 2010, we have  achieved the peak level of specialization in Infrastructure design, advanced network solution integrated with networking, security, server, storage products which primarily meet Small Business Sectors and Enterprises Customs both Government and Private Sectors.

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ADHICS Consultancy Services

Network Security Assessment

EDGEICT offers a variety of specialized technical security assessment services to assess all aspects of an organization’s networking environment. Specialized engineers and consultants access the architecture and configuration of the client’s networking operations, evaluate legitimate and unauthorized points of access and identify potential security vulnerabilities. Security assessments allow clients to determine the likelihood of potential attacks, which in turn enables vital networking infrastructure to be properly secure.

Vulnerability Management

EDGEICT experts can help identify security issues before they are exploited by attackers. Vulnerability scans are used to simulate real-world probes and attacks. Internal and external scans are performed using a combination of automated tools and human analysis that look for technical flaws or vulnerabilities that a potential hacker may exploit.

After scanning, EDGEICT presents the results, which includes a risk assessment and a remediation plan highlighting the steps needed to eliminate exposure. At the conclusion of the testing, a findings report is provided that includes a detailed description of each issue, an associated severity rating, an exploitability risk rating and one or more practical recommendations for addressing any issues.

Data Protection & Privacy

New privacy laws and incidents of privacy violations, identity theft and personal information mismanagement have increased regulatory and consumer pressure to prevent disclosure or compromise of personally identifiable and sensitive information. The business impacts of failure – on both long-term relationships and value – have elevated the issues of privacy, security and information risk management to the board and senior executive level at many companies. Addressing privacy issues on a global, basis and in a consistent and cost-effective manner is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge in today’s global economy.

EDGEICT offers a wide range of privacy and data protection services, and can help you:



Cyber Security

New ways of business operations and customer interactions demand a new approach to protecting critical assets. Our end-to-end cybersecurity services cover IT and industrial systems, and IoT products, to help your enterprise achieve digital transformation with security at its core.

Cybersecurity Process: Advise. Protect. Monitor. EDGEICT provides end-to-end advisory, protection and monitoring services to secure your organization.

We advise on your cybersecurity strategy depending on your current level of maturity to help you define your security perimeter, objectives and procedures. We protect your systems with our cybersecurity solutions and monitor your system to detect and react in advance of cyber attacks.
Safeguard your digital enterprise against cyber attacks and internal malicious behavior with end-to-end advisory, protection and security monitoring services.

Mobile and Computer Forensic Investigation

We assist individuals, companies and law firms when digital evidence of any kind is required for just about any purpose. A computer forensic expert is the only person who is truly qualified to examine a hard drive, mobile phone or website and prepare a report on the relevant data in a court-admissible format. Even if your matter is not necessarily headed for court, you may choose to have the evidence gathered by a person best-suited to uncover the truth.

You may need proof for a criminal matter, a civil matter or you may want to see if your suspicions about a partner’s infidelity are correct. A computer, phone or online investigation could be needed to gather evidence of employee misconduct, anonymous defamation or threats or harassment from an unknown email account. You may have experienced fraud at the hands of a online classified vendor or auction-site seller or perhaps you have been duped by a dating site scammer. Your computer may have been infected with spyware or malware or your business network may have been penetrated by hackers. Digital technology provides considerable advantages but most individuals and business operators do not understand the numerous risks posed until they are exposed firsthand.

EDGE SECURITY SYSTEMS is a leading  and approved CCTV installation, and service provided in the region, our service level agreement spread across the ME& A Region.  We provides security alarm systems  specialized for Airport, Educational Institution, Healthcare Sector , Hospitality Sector, Oil and GAS Sector, Financial Institutions, Jewelers, Shops, restaurants, Shopping mall and other public places. Our mission is to offer a error free security services. We are one among the TOP ranged  Security  and  surveillance  systems  suppliers and installers in the region.  With the help of our talented team and powerful subcontractors  we have engaged multiple project at the same time providing services to install large scale project . We guarantee you the best value of your investment by giving installation and maintenance services for high precision CCTV cameras and surveillance system. Our SLA Team will ready to service 24×7 in 365 days in an year. We have specialized team for Datacentre Environment Monitoring Systems


Relying on the existing approaches to AI and applying our proprietary knowledge, we help businesses successfully adopt and use AI technologies on a daily basis. We put together the strengths of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science to help you solve numerous business challenges. We can facilitate data processing and analysis through simple AI models, as well as totally reshape enterprise workflows through sophisticated AI solutions.



Taking into consideration your business specifics and your industry focus, EDGE delivers IoT solutions to help you take advantage of a connected environment. We cover your needs in everything smart: from custom software for smart devices to complex multilevel solutions for smart homes and cities. Prioritizing IoT security, we also ensure that your corporate and customer data is safely processed, shared and stored with an IoT network.

  • IOT Enabled Water & Electricity Meter
  • IOT Enabled Parking Management Systems
  • IOT Enabled Waste , Sewage, Swimm-ing Pool, Agriculture & Cattle Farm  Management Solution.
  • IOT Enabled Fleet & Traffic Manage-ment Solution.



Numerary has emerged as a disruptive force for businesses across all businesses. Industries are looking for ways to offer unique and seamless experiences to their digital customers. It all begins with forming strategies and leveraging technologies to enhancing products and services. EDGE understands the process of digitalization and is here to accelerate your organization’s digital transformation journey. We devise a digital business strategy that is aligned with your key business objectives. We help you leverage a wide spectrum of digital technologies to deliver compelling digital experiences to your customers.   


  • Structured Cabling Systems
  • Data Centre Management Systems
  • Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV)
  • Access Control System – ACS
  • Public Address and General Alarm System – PAGA
  • LAN and Telephone System
  • Trunk Radio System – TRS
  • Fence Intrusion Detection System – FIDS
  • Master Clock System – MCS
  • Gate Barrier Systems


Future-Ready Unified Communications Solutions

The digital workplace is already here. And you need a new approach to collaboration—one that enables your work-from-anywhere culture, so everyone is always ready to meet unplanned work head on.

Our all-in-one cloud communications solution is designed for how you’re working now. It gives you the platform to empower your employees with faster, always-on continuous collaboration. And it helps you power your business with flexible experiences built for the work world of today, and the challenges of tomorrow.