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Sulthana Shafi

Cheif Technical Consultant
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Ms.Sulthana Shafi full fledged software Engineer,skilled in Business Data Management, Data Management, Management Solutions, People Management, Predictive Analytics, Proactive Approach, Problem Solving, Processing, Reporting Processes, Research and Development (R&D), Researching, Senior Management Leadership, Software Solutions, Strategic Planning, Technology Research. She got 10+ years of development experience in Python, matlab. DevOps, esp cognitive services of Azure and AWS clouds. The core Area of interest is R&D wherein very passionate in algorithm development ,Al/ML expertise in healthcare solutions,deep learning ,computer vision,NLP,data mining and data visualization tools. project management, jira and confluence

Professional Skills

Software Development
Project Management
Chief Technology Officer

Personal Details

Driven and insightful Data Analyst having experience in demanding technology-driven environments. A creative and innovative thinker;reputation for proactively uncovering problems, risks, and research challenges. Masterful ability to translate complex data and requirements into actionable solutions to bolster business performance for clients.