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Internet of Things (IoT)

Our IoT developers are experts in integrating hardware, data analytics, and software to create an efficient world of connected devices using Internet of Things (IoT) technology. At “EDGE”, every IoT developer has experience in developing dynamic and reliable business and mobile apps.

We have worked with many international companies that have engaged our Internet of Things developers to build mobile-friendly IoT solutions. These experts, whom you hire, will work on your time zone and specific requirements. Furthermore, they have excelled in developing cloud-based IoT solutions.

The IoT solution architects of “EDGE informatics” are experts who can turn any misty idea into a more realistic IoT solution. They see the broad picture since they’re immersed in every step of the process, from idea to deployment.

Our IoT solution architects have extensive experience in data analytics, app management, consultancy, automation, and IoT solution development. Our IoT solution designers use their years of expertise to guarantee that your costs are also reduced and your time is shortened so that your solution can be built fast.


    • IoT Sensor Developments
    • IoT Custom IoT Development
    • Cloud Solutions & IoT Integrations
    • IoT Wearable Development
    • IoT-enabled Data Analytics
    • IoT Support & Maintenance

      • Smart Home Automation
      • Healthcare IoT
      • Smart Cities
      • Agriculture
      • Retail
      • Transportation and Logistics

      Frequently Asked Question

      Q: How can businesses benefit from IoT services?

      A: Businesses can benefit from IoT services by gaining insights from data analytics, improving operational efficiency, reducing costs through automation, enhancing customer experiences, and exploring new revenue streams through innovative IoT-enabled products and services.

      Q: What are the challenges in implementing IoT solutions?

      A:Challenges include security concerns, interoperability issues, scalability, data privacy, and the need for standardization. Addressing these challenges is essential for successful and widespread IoT adoption.

      Q: How does IoT impact industries?

      A:IoT has a transformative impact on industries by enabling predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring, supply chain optimization, and the creation of new business models. Industries such as healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation benefit significantly from IoT solutions.

      Service Included

      • IoT Device Management
      • IoT Data Analytics
      • IoT Connectivity Services
      • IoT Security Services
      • IoT Platform as a Service (PaaS)